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Captels offers a 360° service offering with high added value, calibration, adjustment, verification and revision of weighing instruments, repair of weighing equipment, rental of weighing axles and weighing wheels, technical weighing services, technical support and training. ISO 9001-2015 certified repair manufacturer, Captels combines expertise and experience to ensure a quality service adapted to the requirements of each business sector.

Verification of weighing instruments

Measuring instruments used in industrial production and manufacturing processes require accurate and reliable measurement results. Calibration and/or periodic verification are one of the criteria for ensuring the quality of the measurement and its traceability. A calibration allows to know the error of the instrument, and in case of a fault of accuracy to compensate it by making an adjustment. A calibration leads to the issuance of a calibration certificate. Verification confirms that the measurement error remains smaller than the maximum tolerated EMT error. The verification leads to the issuance of a verification finding with the mention of conformity or non-conformity of the weighing instrument.

Calibration and verification findings

Captels has been tracking its weighing solutions for 38 years, weighing axles and wheels as well as those of other brands. Weighing instrument checks are carried out with standard weights connected to the COFRAC measuring line in accordance with international recommendations OIML R76-1. Calibration, adjustment, verification and revision of Excluding legal metrology and Forensic metrology weighing instruments, repair of weighing equipment, Captels brings all its added value by offering metrological services of calibrations and/or periodic checks satisfactory to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Rental / hire of mobile wheel weighing and axles weighing systems

The activities of the aeronautics, agriculture, automotive, competition and industry sectors involve the use of specialized weighing equipment, such as mobile axle weights, scales, truck scales and wheel weights. These weighing equipment entails periodic investment and verification costs which may be substantial in relation to one-off or seasonal use. In order to meet the means and needs of companies, Captels offers mobile weighing axle rental solutions, hire of scales, hire of scales for trucks and hire of weighing wheels.

Advantages of renting Captels scales

Financial resources are not mobilised on a single expenditure item. This makes it possible to consider other sources of investment. The question of maintenance is also an economic and practical constraint for a professional. Using Captels allows you to benefit from support for weighing equipment and transport. This requires their revision and periodic metrological control. Essential to ensure their proper functioning and to comply with the industrial requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The use of weighing equipment and the replacement of weighing equipment may be included in the rental contract in order to avoid immobilization during a construction site.

Quality of Captels services

It is important to focus on the quality of services and the various services available. In addition to the maintenance of weighing equipment, the client company benefits from advice from the expert manufacturer Captels. It is thus easier to target its needs in line with its activity and its means, whether technical or financial. The commitment to Captels is distinguished by the flexibility of the contractual terms. It is possible to turn to short or long term rentals, from one week to several months and up to five years. The choice is in no way irreversible, Captels offers options of extension or sale in case of changing needs.

Technical support and services

Captels' commitment to its customers extends well beyond the delivery of its weighing solutions, axles weighing systems and wheels weighing. Captels is involved in lasting partnerships, in order to provide expertise and innovations over the long term. Captels relies on a full range of high-value services that meet the operational and maintenance needs of its customers. Answers to technical requests, analyses and diagnostics of reliability and maintainability, training and technical weighing services requiring the expertise of Captels. Its specialized technicians are available by phone 5 days a week and can also intervene in the field at customers.

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