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Captels makes a point of developing and manufacturing in France at its site in Saint Mathieu de Tréviers, weighing systems, sensors (or scales), axle weights, wheel weights, electronics, software and performance systems, both standard and specific.

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History of the company

Captels SA – Capteur Technologie Electronique et Systèmes SA – was founded in 1985 in Saint Mathieu de Tréviers. Since its inception, Captels has invested heavily in research, development and innovation to bring out new technologies for weighing vehicles, with wheel and axle scales integrating ever more electronics.

In 2005, after years of intensive research, Captels presented axle weighing solutions to measure the masses of a moving vehicle. The OIML R134 metrological normative bases on dynamic weighing – the LSWIM – of vehicles will be developed on our research work, in partnership with the French Ministry of Transport, the Central Laboratory of Bridges and Roadways and the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing.

Since then, Captels has been considered a leader in the field of weighing of road vehicles, with many public references on the 5 continents since the 1990s: ministries of transport, customs, law enforcement...

This culture of technological and metrological development allows us to strengthen ourselves in our historical industrial automotive and aeronautical markets, then to develop in the logistics and agri-food markets (agriculture, viticulture etc.).

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Captels’ values

Captels is an independent family business, committed to human, technical and ethical values.

These values are based on four pillars:


Captels places innovation at the centre of its activities to serve customers around the world. We concentrate our skills in the conduct of innovative projects and the production of quality instruments and we are resolutely export-oriented.


We act with integrity and ethics to earn and maintain the trust of our partners. We are firmly committed to the transparency of our relations with our employees, our subcontractors and our customers.


We are committed to excellence in our actions and in our relationships with our employees and partners. We are guided by customer satisfaction and industrial mastery of our solutions.

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We must be ever more engaged and efficient through our activities, to participate in a sustainable future for all: we act for the environment and for people, while seeking economic performance.


Research and development

Captels invests around 15% of its annual turnover in the development of new products and the search for new concepts. Doctors, engineers and technicians work in specialized teams in electronics, mechanics and computer science to advance every aspect of the technologies used in the design of our weighing systems.

A great deal of technical expertise coupled with a thorough knowledge of metrology is the basis of development at Captels, as is collaboration with users and customers, which provides an indispensable contribution. From the design of our sensors to our business software and our dedicated electronics, we control the entire measuring chain of our devices, which allows us to certify the quality of our materials and the measures they deliver.

With 38 years of research and development experience and numerous collaborations with renowned research institutes such as the Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, the Institut d'Électronique du Sud, the Polytech School and the Gustave Eiffel University, Captels has developed a world-renowned expertise and has created many innovative ideas and products.

The Captels Research and Development department is constantly growing and new employees who are passionate about cutting-edge technologies are welcome: visit our Careers section!

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Our low speed weighing in motion and static weighing solutions are designed following the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) recommendations and manufactured in compliance with European regulations. All solutions we provide are calibrated with standard weights.

Our main certificates are issued by the French National Metrology Laboratory

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